Local Environment Setup for Working with AWS

I recently wrote this up on confluence at work. However there is nothing here that’s specific to that environment other than it being for AWS. The idea is to have a consistent environment for all the developers on the team to use to make life easier when debugging issues.

This is written for a Mac as my current team are all using Macs but I’m currently running the same setup on Kubuntu.


Setup Dependencies

brew tap common-fate/granted
brew install coreutils curl git granted awscli

Setup asdf

git clone ~/.asdf --branch v0.13.1

Add the following to ~/.zshrc, see here if not using ZSH.

. "$HOME/.asdf/"

You will need to reload your terminal at this point

Add the nodejs plugin & configure defaults

asdf plugin add nodejs
asdf install nodejs latest
asdf global nodejs latest

asdf gives a nice way to control the versions of software required on a project level, this is a nodejs setup but it also handls other software.


Run the assume command and follow the installation steps to get the required plugin installed in Firefox.

Once this is completed setup an account with the command

aws configure sso --profile {account/environment name}

Complete the setup steps with the correct details then add as many accounts as you need to interact with.

Now the command assume will log you in to your terminal and correctly export the AWS credentials and assume -c will take you straight to the AWS Console.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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