Hi, my name is Gareth Hughes. I am a .NET, TypeScript and JavaScript developer and Technical Lead based in Sydney, Australia. Currently I work as a team lead at A-Leagues.

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2008 with BSc (hons) Computing (Software Engineering) and I have over 15 years of industry experience in England and Australia.

I started my career as a web developer working primarily in PHP and JavaScript on Ubuntu. I eventually moved into dotnet and eventually progressed into technical leadership and management.

I am an avid video gamer, love fitness, yoga, very amateur photographer, vegan and am working on becoming more of a writer. I plan to blog about technology, programming, leadership and gaming.

What I do

I have many years experience in a variety of platforms and languages however these are my current preferred technologies & skills:

Web & Mobile Development.NET and C#
Solutions Architecture & DesignSQL Server and Postgres
Technical LeadershipJavaScript, TypeScript, Node and Vue.js
Process DevelopmentMicro-services, Docker and AWS

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A-Leagues - Lead Engineer

Hired to lead a new team to uplift and replatform existing technology stacks. Working with Wordpress, PHP, Node, TypeScript, Azure Devops and AWS with CDK.

Currently managing 2 teams, one team working towards re-launching the 13 A-League club websites and one team working on upgrading the platform API including AWS account migration, moving to Azure Devops & Azure Repos, upgrading node versions and changing the underlying database. As well as introducing automated testing acorss the whole platform.

Have recently launched the new aleagues.com.au website for the 2023/2024 season.

In the past

Wilbur - Lead Engineer

Hired to build a grow a new team to modernising and reinvent a well established insurance platform. This involves introducing improved processes, testing, automation, upgrading the legacy system and migration to AWS.

Worked on a new project called Wilbur Repair. .NET 5, AWS, Postgres and Vue.js. Defining the new standard tech stack for the company and delivering the first new part of the modular software offering.

Domain - Lead Engineer

I was hired as the Team lead for the team responsible for booking and billing processes for Domain.com.au.

Delivered several large projects including a change in pricing model and a rewrite of a core search service.

Helium - Technical Director

Head of development in a small agency based in Newtown. This role included process development, consultation, web and mobile development, project management and team leadership.

Major clients included ALDI and various departments of the NSW Governments.


Corporate Travel Management - Senior Developer
HotelsCombined - Senior Developer
Nine - Contractor
Technophobia/Capita - Junior - Senior Developer