Working from home

The year 2020 has been an interesting year for everyone. Luckily being based in NSW where Covid-19 has been relatively well handled, we managed to get back to a level of normality relatively soon.

But there were some big changes for everyone with a sudden and so far permanent shift to working from home.

I already had a pretty good setup prior to lockdown so only a few workstation updates were needed (plus the D.Va Secretlab chair). However the network side of things needed some work. I was originally running everything from a D6400 combined with a powerline ethernet adapter, which worked okay for a while but started to lock up regularly and need rebooting often. Either faulty hardware or the demand was too much.

So I bought an EdgeRouter-x and a UniFi AP then replaced my Powerline Adapter going to ny office with a long cable running from one of the network ports in the other room. And the AP is attached to the wall giving better wifi coverage.

I also retained the Pi-hole as my DNS and DHCP servers and as this apartment has 2 wired ethernet ports, 1 in the living room and 1 in the master bedroom so the TV, PlayStation and Switch can all be wired.

The upgrade

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